Annual Reports

Annual Report 2021 - Delivering Today, Building Tomorrow

IJM prides itself on being resourceful, progressive and responsible, corporate traits that resonate in this year’s Annual Report theme: Delivering Today, Building Tomorrow. This outlook reflects our consistency as a profitable Group that has the tenacity to ride through economic storms.

In 2021, IJM faced the COVID-19 pandemic head-on, and although it had an adverse impact on some of our businesses, we persevered and emerged stronger. Amid constraints imposed, uncertainties in the marketplace and operational disruptions, we succeeded in delivering a commendable financial performance for the year.

We are now pressing ahead for a more future-ready IJM by implementing the Group’s strategic blueprint that took effect in 2021. This is a three-year strategy map with three anchors: building resilience, driving growth and nurturing capabilities. These strategies aim to ensure IJM continues to retain its leadership against a backdrop of rising stakeholder expectations, greater emphasis on technology advancements, sustainability and macro-economic uncertainties.