Sustainability Roadmap FY2023 – FY2025

The Group`s Sustainability Roadmap FY2023 - FY2025 ("Roadmap") was endorsed by the IJM Board of Directors in FY2022 and is integrated into Divisional roadmaps, which are also accompanied by specific internal performance measures.

Deepen Stakeholder Engagement. Engaging stakeholders as a key strategy in keeping pace with evolving expectationsEngage Supply Chain. Addressing the supply chain to achieve meaningful and lasting impacts Marketplace AddressStakeholders’Expectations Establish Climate Strategy. Establishing climate strategy with a carbon footprint assessment, carbon reductionstrategy, and climate risks and opportunities profilePursue Green Credentials. Exploring and integrating green elements into our products and services EnvironmentStrenghthenEnvironmentalStrategy Enhance Human Rights Practices. Improving labour practices to align with local and global standardsElevate Culture & Capabilities. Conducting a series of learning, sharing and awareness programmes alogwith regular engagements WorkplaceInculcateSustainabilityCulture Enhance Community Investment Framework & Strategy. Refining community investment themes, focus areas and metrics usedfor impact measurement CommunityRefine CommunityInvestmentApproach Digitalise Data Collection & Reporting. Leveraging digital technology for effective data collection, performancemeasurement and reportingCommunicate Sustainability Progress. Communicating sustainability progress to stakeholders StrategicOpportunitiesAccelerateDigitalisation