Choy Teik San's Story

"Keep learning and continuously upgrading your skills. Walk the talk and lead by example."

Choy Teik San
General Manager, Production & Purchasing

Mr Choy is a true blue IJMer as his entire career is with IJM. He begun his journey as an IJM scholar and upon completing his Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics, he joined Industrial Concrete Products (ICP) as a Technical Executive.

Throughout his 24 years of experience with IJM, Mr Choy has an impressive career with broad exposure to various factories and departments including spun pile factories located in Klang and Nilai. He also has work exposure in a PC steel bar plant in Klang as well as in the Engineering Department. He achieved a key milestone in his career when he was promoted as the General Manager of Production and Purchasing in April 2014, overseeing the overall operation of all spun pile factories and the Purchasing Department.

“I would always challenge myself and take everything as an opportunity to enhance my knowledge, experience and personal growth. This has developed my ability to adapt well in all new and challenging working environment.

Having new job scope, higher expectations from the management, different working environment and dealing with various groups of people is extremely challenging. However, I always believe in getting my hands firmly on the job; see it, do it and feel it for myself in any task.  Also, learning from both ground level and from experienced people is crucial.

Keep learning and continuously upgrading your skills. Walk the talk and lead by example. Think positive, stay positive, and work with passion. Three must-have criteria for a leader – know how to do, demonstrate, and teach.”

At IJM, you are given full support to grow as far as you want to. The sky is the limit.