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Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor

Groundbreaking ceremony for new IJM IBS Pusat Bina Bestari facility in Bestari Jaya

Key Highlights

  • IJM starts construction on its first state-of-the-art fully automated Industry 4.0 Industrialised Building System (IBS) facility. IJM IBS Pusat Bina Bestari to be completed by Q3 2020
  • Annual output capacity of 500,000 m2, equivalent to 3,000 units of homes. Investment of approximately RM165 million
  • End-to-end digital IBS solutions provider – offering design, costing, manufacturing, fabrication and on-site installation of its IBS system


KUALA SELANGOR, 8 August 2019: IJM Corporation Berhad (“IJM” or “the Group”) breaks new ground today with a ceremony to mark the start of construction of its IJM IBS Pusat Bina Bestari facility located in the growing industrial hub of Bestari Jaya, Kuala Selangor.

The event was officiated by Y.B. Tuan Baru Bian, Minister of Works and hosted by IJM’s CEO & Managing Director, Dato’ Soam Heng Choon with the participation of Datuk Ir. Elias Ismail, Senior General Manager, Technology Development Sector, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), state and ministry officials, business associates as well as members of the Malaysian construction and property fraternity.

Built on a 25-acre site with an annual output capacity of 500,000 m2 (equivalent to 3,000 homes), the RM165 million facility showcases IJM IBS’ capabilities in providing end-to-end digital IBS solutions – from design, costing, manufacturing, fabrication to delivery and on-site installation. The 200,000 sq ft facility is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2020.

The state-of-the-art fully automated Industry 4.0 facility marks IJM’s latest venture into producing a wide range of IBS precast products that cater to diverse building applications – from affordable housing, low- and high-rise residential, commercial buildings to public infrastructure like schools and hospitals.

Minister of Works YB Tuan Baru Bian said: “The groundbreaking ceremony of IJM’s smart factory today, represents another frontier in the ‘smart manufacturing’ of the construction industry. Technology and innovation go hand-in-hand and are key in achieving quality improvement, productivity, environmental sustainability and also global competitiveness of the industry. Increasing adoption of modern construction methods, particularly IBS technology, acts as a catalyst to boost construction productivity under the Construction Industry Transformation Program (CITP). To achieve this, the Ministry through the CIDB is working rigorously with all stakeholders to promote and strengthen the IBS ecosystem in both public and private sector projects in Malaysia.”

Speaking at the event, Dato’ Soam Heng Choon, CEO & Managing Director, IJM Corporation Berhad said: “Today, we are laying the foundation for IJM’s entry into the emerging IBS market, adding a further milestone to the Group’s long-term growth strategy. IJM, through its Industry Division, is one of the largest precast concrete pile manufacturers in Southeast Asia, with 11 factories and an annual output capacity of 2 million tonnes. Our solid track record is supported by 42 years of successful involvement in mega projects all over the world. We are among the first vertically-integrated IBS manufacturers in the country as we can leverage on and realise the vast synergies from our Construction and Property businesses to serve both internal and external clients.

“The construction industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift. Many industries are taking full advantage of Industry 4.0 in enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness – the construction industry cannot afford to be left behind. The Group recognises that it needs to go beyond brick and mortar as construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and competitive, putting tremendous pressure to deliver on time and on budget. Venturing into the IBS business is a means for us to create differentiation in our product and service offerings,” added Dato’ Soam.


IJM IBS – Smarter way to build

IBS is the industrialisation of the construction industry, in which building components or modules are manufactured in a factory then transported to the building site for easy installation.

The benefits of IBS include increasing productivity through the use of smart manufacturing system, boosting efficiency as construction period is shortened, and easing the industry’s dependency on foreign labour. Compared to conventional methods, construction time is reduced by up to 40%.

By moving construction activity to a controlled manufacturing environment, the quality and consistency of IBS products are assured. With the capacity to produce slabs, walls, beams, columns, staircase, toilet pans and architectural elements, the system aims to deliver complete building solutions to clients.

Digital IBS and smart manufacturing

The facility employs advanced precast manufacturing technology which are powered by Building Information Modelling (BIM), robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and big data. These emerging technologies build on and amplify one another to propel the construction supply chain into a modern production base.

Design, engineering and cost estimation

Using BIM software for design and engineering, ideas and concepts are transformed from 2D drawings to 3D models. The digitalization of the building allows for better visualization and constructability checking. Cost estimation is also made easy with IBM software while collaboration and communication among project stakeholders are made efficiently with the use of cloud-based BIM platform.

Smart manufacturing

The robotic-assisted and advanced shuttering system of the smart manufacturing process delivers both accuracy and design flexibility that is not possible with conventional methods. In line with CITP, our local workforce is also upskilled through use of Industry 4.0 technology.

Delivery and installation

Once the IBS components are ready, the intelligent delivery management system arranges and delivers custom-made panels in accordance to the installation sequence onsite, prioritizing the progress of the project and ensuring maximum delivery efficiency.

Cleverly-designed panel jointing system speeds up the installation process and eliminates wet works, resulting in a quieter, neater and cleaner construction site. The onsite work simplification also reduces complexity in managing manpower – fewer workers are needed and health and safety risks at construction sites are lowered.

Environmental sustainability

The facility will be powered by solar panels, a green initiative that aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A waste water recycling plant will also be deployed to ensure that water is used in the most efficient way. All in all, the facility and IBS promote a more sustainable construction industry with its lower carbon footprint, reduced construction wastage and environmental pollution, as well as ensures a safer and more conducive worksite.

Meeting the housing needs of the future

With such clear advantages and support from the Government, IBS is set to become the main stay of the construction industry. IJM IBS aims to work together with all stakeholders to support Government’s vision of delivering more affordable homes.

“We have the capacity to support affordable housing demand in Klang Valley and beyond. By using our IBS system, homes can be delivered to the people faster and ahead of time. There is opportunity to serve the Group’s upcoming internal projects of more than 2,000 units in Bandar Rimbayu, Pantai Sentral Park, Segambut and Seremban 2,” Dato’ Soam explained.

IJM IBS alignment with CITP agenda

“IJM is indisputably one of the key players in the construction industry. With the construction of this IBS facility, we are strengthening our commitment to the industry through alignment with the CITP. The CITP aims to improve the productivity of the industry and one of the ways to achieve it is through the implementation of IBS as we need to ‘manufacture the construction’ in order to improve on the industry’s productivity,” Dato’ Soam said.

The implementation of IBS embodies the CITP’s four thrusts – digital construction, reducing foreign labour, creating a sustainable environment and increasing productivity by 2.5 times – to shape a modern, sustainable and productive construction industry in Malaysia.

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IJM IBS was established in 2018 to spearhead its Industrialised Building System (IBS) business by offering building solutions produced using state-of-the-art smart manufacturing system.

Riding the waves of change in Malaysia’s construction industry, the IBS method of building aims to improve the industry’s productivity as well as to address its shortage of skilled labour, demand for better quality and reduction of site wastage.

IJM IBS offers an end-to-end digital precast building solution – from designing, costing, fabrication to delivery and installation onsite.

Located at the growing industrial hub of Bestari Jaya, Selangor, IJM IBS employs the latest Industry 4.0 technology in precast manufacturing system, that not only raises our competitiveness to a whole new level but also defines a “Smarter Way to Build”.

About IJM Corporation Berhad

IJM Corporation Berhad (“IJM”), formed in 1983, is today one of Malaysia’s leading construction groups and is listed on Bursa Malaysia KLCI. Its business activities encompass construction, property development, manufacturing and quarrying, infrastructure concessions and plantations.

Headquartered in Selangor, its operations are located in 10 countries, with primary focus in Malaysia, India and Indonesia. The Group presently has a market capitalisation of around RM8.6 billion and as of March 2019, the Group employs around 4,600 employees and has total assets of RM23 billion.

The Group’s belief in a shared destiny with its employees remains pivotal to its growing success while its reputation for professionalism, performance and good governance is acknowledged by customers and investors alike from its numerous corporate and industry accolades. IJM is committed to ethical business conduct and subscribes to the principles of good corporate citizenship for sustainable growth and development.

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