Corporate Structure

IJM Building Systems Sdn Bhd


IJM Subsidiaries & Associates

IJM Building Systems Sdn Bhd 198401006016 (118536-T)

Date of Incorporation

24 April 1984 (in the name of Crendon Building System (CBS) Sdn Bhd; and changed to Crendon Building Systems Sdn Bhd on 15 October 1984; and to IJM Building Systems Sdn Bhd on 26 November 2001)

Nature of Business

Construction contracts and rental of aluminium formworks

Board of Directors

Wong Heng Wai
Liew Yoon Han
Chai Koon Wah

Company Secretary

Ng Yoke Kian (MAICSA 7018150)
Emily Tai Ti Ying (MAICSA 7040461)

Registered Office

2nd Floor, Wisma IJM, Jalan Yong Shook Lin
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Company Auditors 

PricewaterhouseCoopers PLT


Changes in Issued Share Capital:-
Date of
Type of Issuance Number
of Shares
Issued Share Capital Total Number of Shares Total Issued Share Capital
15 Oct 2001 Special Issue 2,350,000 RM2,350,000 3,000,000 RM3,000,000
30 Jun 1997 Special Issue 550,000 RM550,000 650,000 RM650,000
06 Dec 1984 Special Issue 99,998 RM99,998 100,000 RM100,000
24 Apr 1984 Subscribers’ shares 2 RM2 2 RM2


Name of Shareholders (Ordinary Shares) No. of Shares %
IJM Construction Sdn Bhd (195650-H) 3,000,000 100


Subsidiary & Associated Companies:-
Subsidiary & Associated Companies % Held

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