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Health, Safety and Environment Report
IJM Corporation Berhad


IJM values the management of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in its operations and businesses as an utmost priority. The subject has been an integral part of the organisation over the long years the company has run.

In line with our practice of good governance, we have outlined our beliefs, principles and policies on HSE through the establishment and effective implementation of HSE Management System (HSEMS), in compliance with the internationally recognized OSH and environment management system standards, the OHSAS 18001, MS 1722 and ISO 14001.

The HSEMS serves as guide to the framework and arrangement that have been made to ensure such standards are achieved. It embodies the concept of continual improvement to enable IJM to manage and control its occupational health and safety risks and environmental aspects.


IJM strives to provide and ensure a safe workplace and pollution free environment as well as encourage healthy lifestyle among its employees. The intent of the company to achieve these goals are embodied in its HSE policy, which depicts the commitment of the top management in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Prevent Accident
    Prevention of accidents that may affect the company's employees as well as the general public by implementing the best standards of HSE practices as well as effective management of risks in all its operations

  • Prevent Occupational Illnesses
    Promote the essence of healthy lifestyle among the company's employees to ensure their health and wellness are well safeguarded from any occupational related diseases or illnesses

  • Prevent Environmental Pollution
    Protection of the environment from significant potential impacts resulting from the company's operations via provision for pollution control measures and implementation of best environmental practices.

With a mutual belief among IJM population in performing beyond compliance coupled with the established management system and broad implementation of good HSE practices, the company has confidence that its intent to attain HSE excellence can be realized.


Updated: 01 Dec 2016