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Life in IJM

Our People

At IJM, our working relationship with each other is governed by a set of values that define who we are and how we do things here. With the IJM Mark of Excellence and a strong commitment towards delivering on our promise, we uphold high standard of integrity in the dealings with our stakeholders. We demonstrate a true passion for what we do to surpass standards of excellence and drive efficiency. We believe in unwavering teamwork and respect for diversity in achieving our goals. We nurture innovation by always exploring improvement ideas to give us the competitive edge. In the highly competitive environment we operate, we place great importance in customer focus, high quality products and service excellence.


"Working in IJM for the past 18 years is more than just job titles and benefits. I'm amazed at the comfort I feel working with my colleagues whom are like my extended family members. Most importantly, it’s about the positive change in me!


Joined as a scholar, I have progressed and gained valuable experience and confidence to dream, believe and achieve my goals!”
Choy Teik San, Senior Manager, Industry Division


" I’ve been with IJM Plantations for more than 16 years. It’s a challenging and enriching career for me. We work as a family and the management has always prioritized on the benefits of its people. I would continue to give my best to IJM!"
Zamberi Bin Mansah, Assistant Manager, Plantation Division

“High standards of professionalism and good governance have always been the hallmark of IJM’s culture, enabling us to work and grow as a family. It is my privilege to be part of it all.”
Shirlene a/p Lourdesamy, Assistant Accountant, Group Services
"Life in IJM is a platform of endless opportunities and possibilities! IJM provides a great working environment where one can work, interact, play (through our very active IJM Sports Club) and grow, both professionally as well as personally.”
Yeoh Kok Ming, Engineer, Property Division
“Kerjaya saya bermula sebagai Penyelia Tol dan sekarang ialah 'Senior Operations Executive‘. Semuanya adalah kerana minat yang mendalam dan kesungguhan terhadap pekerjaan. Tambahan lagi, kepercayaan yang diberikan oleh Syarikat membuatkan saya berjaya hingga kini.”
Juridah Bt Eberahim, Senior Operations Executive, Toll Division
“At IJM, it’s more than just a career that we build. I treasure the people, the laughter, and the valuable experiences both at professional and personal levels that come along with it."
Chai Koon Wah, Senior Engineer, Construction Division
Updated: 07 Sep 2012