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Corporate Structure
IJM Group
Infrastructure (Toll & Port)
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Principal Activities

* IJM Corporation Berhad 16 Jul 1983 Malaysia Construction, property development, manufacturing and quarrying, hotel operations, port operations, tollway operations, plantations, and investment holding
CIDB Inventures Sdn Bhd 14 May 1998 Malaysia Infrastructure investment
Cofreth (M) Sdn Bhd 24 Mar 1986 Malaysia Facility management, operations & maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, mechanical and electrical contracting and energy services
Emas Utilities Corporation Sdn Bhd 03 Sep 1987 Malaysia Investment holding
Grupo Concesionario del Oeste S.A. 26 Oct 1993 Argentina Construction, renovation, repair, conservation and operation of Acesso Oeste highway
IJM Argentina Sociedad Anonima 12 Aug 1997 Argentina Investment holding
IJM Construction Sdn Bhd 28 Mar 1990 Malaysia Civil & building construction and investment holding
Ambang Usaha Sdn Bhd 20 Apr 1995 Malaysia Dormant
Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd 19 Nov 1982 Singapore Civil and building construction
Highway Master Sdn Bhd 23 Dec 1993 Malaysia Dormant
IJM Building Systems Sdn Bhd 24 Apr 1984 Malaysia Construction contracts, trading and rental of aluminium formworks
IJM Investments J.A. Limited 25 Jul 2006 Dubai, UAE Investment holding
IJM Gulf Limited 12 Aug 2006 Dubai, UAE Dormant
IM Technologies Pakistan (Private) Limited 11 Sep 2006 Pakistan Civil, building construction and property development
Intergrated Water Services (M) Sdn Bhd 04 Jul 1985 Malaysia Operation and maintenance of a water treatment plant
Jurutama Sdn Bhd 12 Oct 1970 Malaysia Construction contracts
Jilin Dingtai Enterprise Development Company Limited 23 March 1993 China Property development
Prebore Piling & Engineering Sdn Bhd 26 Nov 1979 Malaysia Piling, engineering and
other construction works
Road Builder (M) Sdn Bhd 27 Jun 1985 Malaysia Building and Civil construction
Budi Benar Sdn Bhd 11 Jul 2000 Malaysia Dormant
Commerce House Sdn Bhd 25 Apr 1994 Malaysia Trading of building materials and provision of insurance agency services
IJM Highway Services Sdn Bhd 22 Jul 2003 Malaysia Toll operation works and maintenance works
IJM International (BVI) Pty Ltd
06 Mar 1997 British Virgin
Investment holding
IJM International Limited 17 Dec 1985 Hong Kong Investment holding
IJM Investments (L) Limited 17 Oct 1997 Federal
Investment holding
Earning Edge Sdn Bhd 18 Jul 1994 Malaysia Property development
IJM Investments (M) Limited 14 Feb 2001 Republic of
Investment holding
IEMCEE Infra (Mauritius) Limited 14 Feb 2001 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
GVK Gautami Power Limited 19 Aug 1996 India Power generation
IJMII (Mauritius) Limited 21 May 2001 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
IJM (India) Infrastructure Limited 02 Apr 1998 India Construction
Swarnandhra-IJMII Integrated Township Development Company Private Limited 25 May 2003 India Property development
IJM Lingamaneni Township Private Limited 14 Sep 2005 India Property development
IJM (India) Geotechniques Private Limited 03 Jun 2005 India Soil investigation & testing, foundation laying & treatment and piling
Roadstar (India) Infrastructure Private Limited 17 Aug 2004 India Development of infrastructure projects and construction & operation of toll gates
LCL-IJMII International Interiors Private Limited 25 Mar 2004 India Interior decoration, designing & furnishing
Swarna Tollway Private Limited 11 May 2001 India Infrastructure development
IJM Rajasthan (Mauritius) Limited 27 Apr 2005 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
IJM Rewa (Mauritius) Limited 16 Oct 2002 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
Rewa Tollway Private Limited 30 Aug 2002 India Infrastructure development
IJM Trichy (Mauritius) Limited 17 May 2006 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
IJM Vijayawada (Mauritius) Limited 15 Apr 2008 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
Vijayawada Tollway Private Limited 01 Apr 2008 India Highway development
IJM Land Berhad 29 Sep 1989 Malaysia Investment holding
IJM Overseas Ventures Sdn Bhd 15 Mar 1978 Malaysia Dormant
IJM Plantations Berhad 15 Jan 1985 Malaysia Cultivation of oil palm, investment holding, trading of crude palm oil and provision of management services
Industrial Concrete Products Sdn Bhd 06 Apr 1977 Malaysia Production & sale of concrete products and investment holding
Durabon Sdn Bhd 03 Jul 1996 Malaysia Processing and sales of steel bars
Expedient Resources Sdn Bhd 12 Feb 1993 Malaysia In members' voluntary winding up
Tadmansori Rubber Industries Sdn Bhd 23 Dec 1987 Malaysia In members' voluntary winding up
ICP Marketing Sdn Bhd 17 Feb 1986 Malaysia Dormant
ICP Investments (L) Limited 10 Jan 2005 Malaysia Investment holding
ICPB (Mauritius) Limited 20 Oct 2005 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
IJM Concrete Products Private Limited 15 Jul 2004 India Supply of ready mixed concrete
IJM Steel Products Private Limited 06 Jun 2007 India Dormant
ICP Jiangmen Co. Ltd 21 Dec 2004 Peoples Republic of China Production and sale of concrete products
Malaysian Rock Products Sdn. Berhad 10 Sep 1962 Malaysia Quarrying, sale of rock products and investment holding
Aggregate Marketing Sdn Bhd 03 Jun 1993 Malaysia Dormant
Azam Ekuiti Sdn Bhd 03 Sep 1992 Malaysia Quarry owner
Bohayan Industries Sdn Bhd 27 Jan 1984 Malaysia Dormant
DML - MRP Resources (M) Sdn Bhd 13 Jan 1996 Malaysia Dormant
IJM Concrete Products Pakistan (Private) Limited 09 May 2008 Pakistan Supply of ready mixed concrete
IJM Concrete (Private) Limited 12 Aug 2006 UAE Investment holding
Kuang Rock Products Sdn Bhd 08 Aug 1992 Malaysia Quarrying and sale of rock products
Oriental Empire Sdn Bhd 09 Jan 1993 Malaysia Quarry owner
Scaffold Master Sdn Bhd 14 Oct 1985 Malaysia Renting of steel scaffoldings
Strong Mixed Concrete Sdn Bhd 21 Feb 1990 Malaysia Production and supply of ready- mixed concrete
Warga Sepakat Sdn Bhd 13 Mar 1999 Malaysia Quarry owner
Inversiones e Inmobiliaria Sur-Sur SA 03 Jun 1996 Chile Property Development
Kamad Quarry Sdn Bhd 11 Jul 1980 Malaysia Dormant
Kemena Industries Sdn Bhd 20 Aug 1985 Malaysia Manufacturing of ready-mixed concrete and reinforced concrete products
Lebuhraya Kajang-Seremban Sdn Bhd 22 Jun 2005 Malaysia Toll road operation
Makmur Venture Sdn Bhd 16 Mar 1985 Malaysia Investment holding
Emcee Corporation Sdn Bhd 02 May 1990 Malaysia Dormant
MASSCORP-Chile Sdn Bhd 22 Sep 1992 Malaysia Investment holding
Nilai Cipta Sdn Bhd 24 Feb 1994 Malaysia Dormant
Road Builder (M) Holdings Bhd 27 Mar 1992 Malaysia Investment holding
Besraya (M) Sdn Bhd 29 Apr 1995 Malaysia Toll road operation
Essmarine Terminal Sdn Bhd 16 May 1997 Malaysia Investment holding
Gagah Garuda Sdn Bhd 02 Aug 1993 Malaysia Investment holding
HMS Resource Sdn Bhd 25 May 1988 Malaysia Investment holding
Kuantan Port Consortium Sdn Bhd 18 Jan 1996 Malaysia Port management
KP Port Services Sdn Bhd 13 Feb 1996 Malaysia Port supporting services, stevedorage, storage handling and providing nitrogen purging and pigging services
KP Depot Services Sdn Bhd 09 Oct 2002 Malaysia Container depot services
KPN Services Sdn Bhd 08 Apr 2004 Malaysia In members' voluntary winding up
New Pantai Expressway Sdn Bhd 18 Jul 1994 Malaysia Design, construction, management, operation and maintenance of New Pantai highway
NPE Property Development Sdn Bhd 16 Nov 1985 Malaysia Property development
OneAce Global Limited 20 June 2012 Malaysia Investment holding
West Coast Expressway Sdn Bhd 12 Apr 1995 Malaysia Design, construction and development of the West-Coast Expressway Project and managing its toll operations
RB Manufacturing Sdn Bhd 23 Apr 1994 Malaysia Dormant
Kuching Riverine Resort Management Sdn Bhd 25 Apr 1994 Malaysia Property management
IJM Properties Sdn Bhd 18 Apr 1983 Malaysia Investment holding, property development and related activities
Astaka Tegas Sdn Bhd 04 Jun 2004 Malaysia Dormant
Aqua Aspect Sdn Bhd 07 May 2004 Malaysia Property development
Cekap Tropikal Sdn Bhd 10 May 1999 Malaysia Property development
Chen Yu Land Sdn. Berhad 06 Sep 1974 Malaysia Property development
Cypress Potential Sdn Bhd 06 Nov 07 Malaysia Property development activities and property investments
Elegan Pesona Sdn Bhd 27 Sep 2003 Malaysia Property development
Ever Mark (M) Sdn Bhd 07 Jul 1990 Malaysia Dormant
Good Debut Sdn Bhd 28 Apr 2006 Malaysia Property development
IJM Management Services Sdn Bhd 03 Oct 1991 Malaysia Project and construction management services, sales and marketing services and property development
Jalinan Masyhur Sdn Bhd 14 Dec 1992 Malaysia Dormant
Jelutong Development Sdn Bhd 26 Dec 1990 Malaysia Property development
Larut Leisure Enterprise (Hong Kong) Limited 23 Sep 1993 Hong Kong Investment holding
Liberty Heritage (M) Sdn Bhd 25 Apr 1992 Malaysia Dormant
Manda'rina Sdn Bhd 17 Aug 1994 Malaysia Property development
Maxharta Sdn Bhd 24 Oct 1989 Malaysia Investment holding and property development
MASSCORP-Vietnam Sdn Bhd 28 Sep 1992 Malaysia Investment holding
NS Central Market Sdn Bhd 15 Dec 1992 Malaysia Property development
Radiant Pillar Sdn Bhd 21 Dec 1999 Malaysia Investment holding and property development
Bandar Rimbayu Sdn Bhd 08 Jan 2002 Malaysia Property development
Sinaran Intisari (M) Sdn Bhd 22 Sep 1990 Malaysia Dormant
Sierra Selayang Sdn Bhd 19 Oct 2005 Malaysia Property development
Sierra Ukay Sdn Bhd 02 Dec 2004 Malaysia Property development
Suria Bistari Development Sdn Bhd 29 Oct 1985 Malaysia Property development
Valencia Terrace Sdn Bhd 20 Apr 2006 Malaysia Property development
Worldwide Ventures Sdn Bhd 13 Oct 1989 Malaysia Property development and investment holding
ERMS Berhad 26 Sep 1985 Malaysia Investment holding, hotel and recreation club operations
Holiday Villa Management Sdn Bhd 04 Jan 1993 Malaysia Ceased operations
Emko Properties Sdn Bhd 03 Apr 1984 Malaysia Property Development
Emko Management Services Sdn Bhd 10 Jul 1984 Malaysia Property management
IJM Land Management Services Sdn Bhd 28 June 1997 Malaysia Provision of management services
RB Land Sdn Bhd 20 Nov 1993 Malaysia Property Development and construction activities
Seremban Two Property Management Sdn Bhd 19 Jun 1996 Malaysia Property Management
Seremban Two Holdings Sdn Bhd 30 Aug 1995 Malaysia Property Development
Seremban Two Properties Sdn Bhd 30 Aug 1995 Malaysia Property Development
Shah Alam 2 Sdn Bhd 20 Jul 2000 Malaysia Property development
RB Property Management Sdn Bhd 25 Apr 1994 Malaysia Property development
Casa Warna Sdn Bhd 27 Apr 2004 Malaysia Property Management
Ikatan Flora Sdn Bhd 19 Apr 2004 Malaysia Property Development
Aras Varia Sdn Bhd 18 Feb 2005 Malaysia Property development and club house operation
Dian Warna Sdn Bhd 18 Feb 2005 Malaysia Property Development
Titian Tegas Sdn Bhd 18 Feb 2005 Malaysia Property Development
Tarikan Abadi Sdn Bhd 06 Jul 2005 Malaysia Property Development
Unggul Senja Sdn Bhd 05 Jul 2005 Malaysia Property development
Murni Lapisan Sdn Bhd 22 Jul 2005 Malaysia Property development and construction activities
RB Development Sdn Bhd 24 Mar 1988 Malaysia Property Development
Sova Holdings Sdn Bhd 25 Oct 1983 Malaysia Property Development
Sheffield Enterprise Sdn Bhd 11 Jan 1991 Malaysia Dormant
Akrab Perkasa Sdn Bhd 21 Apr 1994 Malaysia Dormant
Berakan Maju Sdn Bhd 11 Apr 1997 Malaysia Cultivation of oil palm
Desa Talisai Palm Oil Mill Sdn Bhd 28 Jan 1992 Malaysia Dormant
Desa Talisai Sdn Bhd 03 Jul 1981 Malaysia Investment holding
Dynasive Enterprise Sdn Bhd 17 Jan 1998 Malaysia Investment holding
Excellent Challenger (M) Sdn Bhd 25 Apr 1992 Malaysia Cultivation of oil palm
Gunaria Sdn Bhd 17 Jan 1998 Malaysia Investment holding
PT.Sinergi Agro Industri 29 Jul 2003 Indonesia Cultivation of oil palm
IJM Biofuel Sdn Bhd 06 Dec 2005 Malaysia Dormant
IJM Edible Oils Sdn Bhd 18 Jul 1996 Malaysia Palm oil and kernel milling
IJMP Investments (M) Limited 16 Jan 2008 Republic of Mauritius In members' voluntary liquidation
Minat Teguh Sdn Bhd 09 Dec 1992 Malaysia Investment holding
PT. Karya Bakti Sejahtera Agrotama 25 Jan 2010 Indonesia Cultivation of oil palm and processing
PT. Primabahagia Permai 11 Dec 1989 Indonesia Cultivation of oil palm
PT. Indonesia Plantation Synergy 27 Nov 2007 Indonesia Cultivation of oil palm and milling
PT. Prima Alumga 26 Feb 2001 Indonesia Cultivation of oil palm
Rakanan Jaya Sdn Bhd 11 Apr 1997 Malaysia Cultivation of oil palm
Ratus Sempurna Sdn Bhd 15 Jan 1996 Malaysia Property holding
Sabang Mills Sdn Bhd 19 Dec 1997 Malaysia Dormant
Sijas Plantations Sdn Bhd 20 Apr 1978 Malaysia Dormant
Nasa Land Sdn Bhd 14 Feb 1998 Malaysia Property Development
RMS (England) Limited 27 Jun 2012 England & Wales Property development
RMS (England) 1 Limited 24 Jul 2013 England & Wales Dormant
RMS (England) 2 Limited 24 Jul 2013 England & Wales Dormant
Mintle Limited 26 July 2012 Jersey Holding company, development of building projects, buying and selling of own real estate
Island Golf View Sdn Bhd 11 Sep 1991 Malaysia Property Development
Bionic Land Berhad 20 Jun 1991 Malaysia Engineering and construction
Preferred Accomplishment Sdn Bhd 29 Feb 2012 Malaysia Sales of electricity
368 Segambut Sdn Bhd 18 Sep 2013 Malaysia Property Development
Asas Panorama Sdn Bhd 25 Nov 2013 Malaysia Property Development
Jelita Kasturi Sdn Bhd 03 Sep 2013 Malaysia Dormant
Panorama Jelita Sdn Bhd 18 Nov 2013 Malaysia Property development
The Light Waterfront Sdn Bhd 21 Mar 2014 Malaysia Dormant
Kuantan Pahang Holding Sdn Bhd 25 Jul 2012 Malaysia Investment holding
Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park Sdn Bhd 23 Jan 2013 Malaysia Property development
IJM Perennial Development Sdn Bhd 22 Jan 2015 Malaysia Dormant
Bayu Upaya Sdn Bhd 22 Jan 2015 Malaysia Dormant
Jaringan Simfoni Sdn Bhd 20 Jan 2015 Malaysia Dormant
Laksana Positif Sdn Bhd 22 Jan 2015 Malaysia Dormant
Tumpuan Azam Sdn Bhd 08 Dec 2014 Malaysia Dormant
IJM LFE Sdn Bhd 08 Apr 2015 Malaysia Investment holding
IJM Construction Vietnam Company Limited 23 Oct 2010 Vietnam Provision of connstruction services, consulting service and installation of electrical system and mechanics system
IJM Construction (Pakistan) Private Limited 20 Apr 2006 Pakistan Civil and building construction
Karachi Expressway J.A. Limited 10 Jul 2007 Dubai, UAE Under liquidation
IAM Technologies J.A. Limited 18 Sep 2006 Dubai, UAE Information technology
Hafeera-IJM Contrating WLL 07 Jan 2008 Bahrain Civil and building construction
IJM Construction (Middle East) LLC 14 Aug 2004 Dubai, UAE Construction
Swarnandhra Road Care Private Limited 30 Aug 2002 India Road maintenance
IJM Concrete Pakistan 14 Sep 2006 Pakistan Dormant
Eksplorasi Cemerlang Sdn Bhd 05 May 2014 Malaysia Dormant
Kumpulan Europlus Berhad 09 Dec 2000 Malaysia Investment holding
IJM Sunway Sdn Bhd 13 May 2015 Malaysia Investment holding
Scomi Group Berhad 09 Feb 2002 Malaysia Investment holding
ICP Precast Products Sdn Bhd 13 Jul 2015 Malaysia Dormant
SMC Islamabad (Private) Limited 29 Dec 2015 Islamabad Production and distribution of ready mixed concrete
Era Moden Hartanah Sdn Bhd 18 Aug 2016 Malaysia Dormant
IJM RE Sdn Bhd 15 Dec 2016 Malaysia Investment holding
IJM RE Commercial Sdn Bhd 15 Dec 2016 Malaysia Investment holding
Sebana Golf & Marina Resort Berhad 20 Mar 1993 Malaysia Operating and maintaining a proprietary club known as Sebana Golf & Marina Club
IJM Dewas (Mauritius) Limited 17 Mar 2017 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
IJM Realty (Mauritius) Limited 17 May 2017 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
Dewas Bypass Tollway Private Limited 22 February 2017 India Highway development
Nagpur Intergrated Township Private Limited 07 Apr 2017 Malaysia Property development
Fairview Valley Sdn Bhd 18 Feb 2015 Malaysia Property investment and property development activities
Vijayapura Tollway Private Limited 12 Dec 2017 India Highway development
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* Principle company listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

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