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Corporate Structure
IJM Group
Infrastructure (Toll & Port)
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Principal Activities

Industrial Concrete Products Sdn Bhd 06 Apr 1977 Malaysia Production & sale of concrete products and investment holding
Durabon Sdn Bhd 03 Jul 1996 Malaysia Processing and sales of steel bars
ICP Marketing Sdn Bhd 17 Feb 1986 Malaysia Dormant
ICP Investments (L) Limited 10 Jan 2005 Malaysia Investment holding
ICPB (Mauritius) Limited 20 Oct 2005 Republic of Mauritius Investment holding
IJM Concrete Products Private Limited 15 Jul 2004 India Supply of ready mixed concrete
IJM Steel Products Private Limited 06 Jun 2007 India Dormant
ICP Jiangmen Co. Ltd 21 Dec 2004 Peoples Republic of China Manufacture and sale of PHC Piles
Malaysian Rock Products Sdn. Berhad 10 Sep 1962 Malaysia Quarrying, sale of rock products and investment holding
Aggregate Marketing Sdn Bhd 03 Jun 1993 Malaysia Dormant
Azam Ekuiti Sdn Bhd 03 Sep 1992 Malaysia Quarry owner
Bohayan Industries Sdn Bhd 27 Jan 1984 Malaysia Dormant
DML - MRP Resources (M) Sdn Bhd 13 Jan 1996 Malaysia In members' voluntary winding up
IJM Concrete Products Pakistan (Private) Limited 09 May 2008 Pakistan Supply of ready mixed concrete
IJM Concrete (Private) Limited 12 Aug 2006 UAE Investment holding
Kuang Rock Products Sdn Bhd 08 Aug 1992 Malaysia Quarrying and sale of rock products
Oriental Empire Sdn Bhd 09 Jan 1993 Malaysia Quarry owner
Scaffold Master Sdn Bhd 14 Oct 1985 Malaysia Renting of steel scaffoldings
Strong Mixed Concrete Sdn Bhd 21 Feb 1990 Malaysia Production and supply of ready-mixed concrete
Warga Sepakat Sdn Bhd 13 Mar 1999 Malaysia Quarry owner
Kamad Quarry Sdn Bhd 11 Jul 1980 Malaysia Dormant
Kemena Industries Sdn Bhd 20 Aug 1985 Malaysia Manufacture and sale of reinforced concrete products and ready mix concrete
Cofreth (M) Sdn Bhd 24 Mar 1986 Malaysia Facility management, operations & maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, mechanical and electrical contracting and energy services
ICP Precast Products Sdn Bhd 13 Jul 2015 Malaysia Dormant
SMC Islamabad (Private) Limited 29 Dec 2015 Islamabad Production and distribution of ready mixed concrete
IJM IBS Sdn Bhd 23 May 2018 Malaysia Manufacture Industrialised Building System
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Updated: 08 June 2018