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Corporate Structure
IJM Group
Infrastructure (Toll & Port)
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Principal Activities

IJM Construction Sdn Bhd 28 Mar 1990 Malaysia Civil & building construction and investment holding
Ambang Usaha Sdn Bhd 20 Apr 1995 Malaysia Dormant
Hexacon Construction Pte Ltd 19 Nov 1982 Singapore Civil and building construction
Highway Master Sdn Bhd 23 Dec 1993 Malaysia Dormant
IJM Building Systems Sdn Bhd 24 Apr 1984 Malaysia Construction contracts and rental of aluminium formworks
IJM Investments J.A. Limited 25 Jul 2006 Dubai, UAE Investment holding
IM Technologies Pakistan (Private) Limited 11 Sep 2006 Pakistan Civil, building construction and property development
Intergrated Water Services (M) Sdn Bhd 04 Jul 1985 Malaysia Operation and maintenance of a water treatment plant
Jurutama Sdn Bhd 12 Oct 1970 Malaysia Construction contracts
Prebore Piling & Engineering Sdn Bhd 26 Nov 1979 Malaysia Piling, engineering and
other construction works
Road Builder (M) Sdn Bhd 27 Jun 1985 Malaysia Building and Civil construction
Budi Benar Sdn Bhd 11 Jul 2000 Malaysia In members' voluntary winding up
Commerce House Sdn Bhd 25 Apr 1994 Malaysia Trading of building materials and the provision of insurance agency services
IJM (India) Infrastructure Limited 02 Apr 1998 India Construction
IJM (India) Geotechniques Private Limited 03 Jun 2005 India Soil investigation & testing, foundation laying & treatment and piling
LCL-IJMII International Interiors Private Limited 25 Mar 2004 India Interior decoration, designing & furnishing
Bionic Land Berhad 20 Jun 1991 Malaysia Engineering and construction
IJM LFE Sdn Bhd 08 Apr 2015 Malaysia Investment holding
IJM Construction Vietnam Company Limited 23 Oct 2010 Vietnam Provision of connstruction services, consulting service and installation of electrical system and mechanics system
IJM Construction (Pakistan) Private Limited 20 Apr 2006 Pakistan Civil and building construction
Karachi Expressway J.A. Limited 10 Jul 2007 Dubai, UAE Investment holding and construction
IJM Gulf Pakistan (Private) Limited 06 Mar 2008 Pakistan Civil and building construction
IJM Construction (Middle East) LLC 14 Aug 2004 Dubai, UAE Construction
Hafeera-IJM Contrating WLL 07 Jan 2008 Bahrain Civil and building construction
IJM Sunway Sdn Bhd 13 May 2015 Malaysia Dormant
IAM Technologies J.A. Limited 18 Sep 2006 Dubai, UAE Information technology
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Updated: 08 Jun 2018