Statement on Quality & Food Safety

The Group is committed to produce quality and safe palm products that meet market specifications and standards in a responsible and reliable manner. Compliance with relevant regulatory requirements for quality and food safety is given high priority. Implementation of quality and safety management systems such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (“HACCP”), Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”), Good Agricultural Practice (“GAP”) and MPOB Code of Practices (“CoP”) are closely monitored for effectiveness.
      In addition to relying on guidelines and procedural references for the implementation of external systems such as HACCP and CoP, the Group has developed its own Planting Manual and Palm Oil Mill Standard Operating Procedures to monitor the implementation of best management practices. These in-house documents cover the whole supply chain starting from oil palm seed production to oil palm cultivation and harvesting of fresh fruit bunches, and finishing at the milling and crushing processes and despatch of palm products to the customers.

Responsibility for achieving the quality and food safety commitment lies with each employee and is therefore embedded in the process and system where their daily tasks are being carried out. To ensure their understanding of the requirement, trainings and annual refresher courses are organised. Control points and audit checks have been built in the various processes where they work. As on-going activities, the trainings were conducted during the year under review and stress checks were carried out at the control points to ensure no breakdown or failure. “1-IJM” workshop was carried out in its second year to improve quality oil production through enhanced internal customer service and team work. The principle of “shared destiny” was emphasised to align the contribution for the various functions working in the supply chain. Crop quality briefings were also given to all related parties including surrounding smallholders during the half yearly “FFB Quality Day” organised in all the palm oil mills. The oil palm seed production unit, that has SIRIM Standard MS 157:2005 accreditation in addition to the recent MPOB CoP for nursery, continued with its emphasis on stringent selection of germplasm, and seeds thereof, to ensure highest possible quality planting material is released for planting.
       In the previous year, four (4) of the Group’s operating units comprising of a nursery, an oil palm plantation, a palm oil mill and the kernel crushing plant were accredited with the MPOB CoP certification. The Group achieved its target of obtaining similar certification for the rest of its operating units in Sabah during the year. The CoP encompasses industry best practices, regulatory compliance and related sustainability in the palm oil supply chain with emphasis on quality, food safety, and safe workplace for all employees.