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  1. Kuantan Port in comparison to other ports in Malaysia
    -Differentiation strategy
    -Specialisation & niche market
  2. Acting as a growth pole to the East Coast region to attract potential industry.
  3. Becoming a catalyst for industrial and commercial economic growth for the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Specialisation Strategy

  1. Petrochemical Hub
  2. Palm Oil Trade & Biofuel Park
  3. Hub for MT Containers Repairs
  4. ASEAN Automotive Trade Hub
  5. East Coast Logistics Centre

Petrochemical Hub Of The Region

  1. Achieving the full potential of petrochemical hub.
  2. Domestic and International Market Awareness.
  3. Government's policy to create a centre for the development of petrochemical and chemical manufacturing industries.
  4. Eastern Industrial Corridor Incentives

A thriving hub of commercial activities where numerous multinational corporations in the petrochemical sector have made it their home. Among these corporations are:

  1. BASF Petronas Chemicals
  1. BP Chemicals
  1. Cryovac Malaysia
  1. Eastman Chemical
  1. Flexsys Chemicals
US / Netherlands
  1. Kaneka Eperan
  1. Kaneka Electec
  1. Kaneka Malaysia
  1. Kaneka Paste Polymers
  1. MTBE Malaysia
  1. NFP Industries
  1. Polyplastic Asia Pacific
  1. Polypropylene Malaysia
  1. WR Grace Specialty Chemical

The Palm Oil Industry (Pahang)

Plantation Area
606,821 hectares
Crude Oil Production 2,132,525 tonnes
Palm Oil Mills 69
Refineries 2
Bulking Installations 1
Exports 827,493 tonnes
  1. Promoting Kuantan as one of the major palm oil exporting state.
  2. Attracting more refineries to set up operations to entice downstream producers.
  3. Attracting biodiesel refineries

Kuantan Port As The ASEAN Automotive Trade Hub

  1. Kuantan Port aims to be the ASEAN automotive trade hub
  2. To be the second national gateway of entry for cars coming into Malaysia.
  3. Benefits and Advantages
    • Location
      • East Asian countries - First port of call
      • Rayong, Thailand to Kuantan Port - 36 hours
      • Rayong to Port Klang - 72 hours
    • Export
      • Nearest port to East Malaysian ports (delivery time advantage)
    • Transhipment
      • Ideal base for ASEAN and East Asia market given the competitive rates of other major ports.
  1. Connectivity
    • New East Coast highway, Kuantan is only 3 hours drive to Kuala Lumpur Increase viability for landbridge concept to the West Coast
    • Well connected to other cities.
    Manufacturers and Distributors
    • Competitive port handling charges
    • Congestion free
    • East Coast Corridor incentive
    • Ample land bank for long term development
    • Land within the port hinterland 3 km to 5 km to Kuantan Port
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